Vento Mareiro Velas

Made with grapes from the vineyards of Xil and Padrenda, in the municipality of Meaño. The microclimate of Val do Salnés leaves its mark on this corner of the Rías Baixas, as does the Atlantic Sea, to which homage is paid on the label. The sails are the wind and the way in which the people of this land move in its sea.

Sold in a box of 6 bottles of 75cl each.

• Type of wine:

White monovarietal

• Variety:

100% Albariño

• Subzone:

Val do Salnés

• A.O.:

Rías Baixas (Galicia)

• Year:


• Alcohol content:


• Number of bottles:

18.000 bottles

Other data

Production area

Grapes from the Concello de Meaño, from the parishes of Xil and Padrenda.


Manual harvest in 15 kg boxes when the grapes reach their perfect point of ripeness. The destemming and squeezing give way to the pneumatic press and then the must goes to a tank to be decanted for two days. Fermentation takes place at 16 °C.

Tasting note

Smelling phase

Medium - high intensity with notes of citrus fruits and a predominance of floral notes. It has a background of aromatic herbs.

Visual phase

Clean, bright, straw yellow in color with greenish reflections.

Taste phase

Fresh, enveloping and balanced. The retronasal highlights the elegance of the aromatic herbs.
An albariño with personality

Legacy of Val do Salnés, in the Rías Baixas

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