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"Oh my rural dream! A little house
near the river, sheltered by the pine trees,
with a stone granary and sheds in the farmyards
and barns on the threshing floor and in the field."

Ramón Cabanillas, Vento Mareiro

The winery

Considers Albariño and everything connected with it as a way of life: a model of sustained, balanced development that respects the environment. This winery has been functioning since the end of the 19th century, in a lineage that combines its main activity, as the owners of coastal fishing boats, with that of cattle dealers and landlords. Wine was sold in regional markets and in Santiago. Since the seventies it has participated in Cambados' Alabariño Festival with its own stand.
But in 1989, in parallel with the creation of the Regulating Council, Xosé Ramón (Roque) Durán committed himself to progress, without giving up its artisanal tradition and respect for meticulous production.
Its five hectares of vineyards (in the municipalities of Cambados, Ribadumia, Meis and Meaño) produce an honourable, simple and elegant wine. The strength of Vento Mareiro's image is based on the family vine. Therein lies the quality and difference.