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Why Vento Mareiro?

"Vento mareiro" (sea breeze) is the air that comes from the sea, which determines O Salnés' mild climate and makes the Albariña grapes grow.
Ramón Cabanillas, the great Galician poet who was born in Cambados, borrowed this expression, characteristic of the region, for the language of all Galicians. He used it for the name of one of his emblematic books of poetry and it was adopted by an association promoting Galician culture in the Cambados of the seventies.
When Pepito Durán, the founder of the Vento Mareiro winery, and the poet Cabanillas passed by each other in the streets of Cambado, they would great each other with an expressive "qué vento mareiro vai!" (what a strong sea breeze!).

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