Vento Mareiro
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"Go pouring out, upon passing, in the calm village,
this greeting all honey of the soul (...)
Delighted rest
of summer afternoons!"

Ramón Cabanillas, Vento Mareiro

Wine Characteristics

Vento Mareiro is made with 100% Alabariña grapes, harvested with loving hands in the second fortnight in September. After dry and warm summers in the O Salnés region, with its excellent climate throughout the year, when the grapes reach the precise degree of ripening, there arises the wine that will delight the palate.
Vento Mareiro is the result of a traditional wine-making method, without relinquishing the advantages of technology: 20 kg boxes for the harvest, delicate and pneumatic pressing, stalk removal, temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel vats, cooling stabilisation, below-zero filtering...
Vento Mareiro is made and marketed under the "Rías Baixas" product classification.