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O Salnés

O Salnés is a sweet region bathed by the Arousa Sea. The capital of Albariño, Cambados, is the special tourist paradise of the Valley of O Salnés. It offers travellers appetising viands to be accompanied by Albariño. The main food is shellfish: clams, spider crabs, scallops or oysters, as well as a great variety of fish. The sea also helps the fertile land grow the best of vegetables.
Rooted in Celtic settlements around the mouth of the River Umia, the origin of Cambados goes back to the "castros" of Castrelo, Corbillón, A Grenla and A Pastoriza, the remains of which still exist.
The place is formed by the population centres of Cambados, San Tomé and Fefiñáns, which should be visited at one's leisure.

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